Read what my clients have to say

Rosemary N.

"If you want to be stronger and be able to do things you love well into your 90's, he's the man!

I've been training with Evan for 1.5 years and have become so much stronger, dropped 20 lbs. and 6% body fat, and have sooo much greater range of motion than I did when I started with him. He is the master for training his powerlifting clients, and, at 79, I am 50 years older than most of the team, yet he does not treat me like a 'senior.'"

Micheale L.

"Working with Evan has been an awesome experience! When I wanted to compete in power lifting, Evan took the time to assess my form and help find my weak points. He gave me a well thought out exercise regiment that would strengthen my weaknesses and boost my strength for my next competition. Evan is knowledgeable and keeps up to date on recent research in the fitness industry. There is a lot to learn from him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is wanting to be functional and strong!"

Trent T.

"He builds programs unique to the client as well as effective guidance through out the process. He takes the time to build connections with his clients and thus it leads to an even better experience toward your fitness goals! Would highly recommend him!"

Heath H.

"I've worked with Evan for about two years and he's helped me greatly to accomplish my fitness goals. I originally started training with Evan to build strength to run Spartan obstacle races and that was very successful. Evan helped me improve my endurance running by targeting muscles I didn't know I needed. He also encouraged me to work on flexibility which taught me techniques that have improved my active and passive range of motion."

William R.

"I had the privilege of training with Evan for about two and a half years, and it was the most challenging yet rewarding time of training in my life. I was up at the junior college throwing shot put and discus and he catered our programs to the goals that I told him I had and helped me accomplish them. What makes Evan a great trainer is he continually makes things challenging through his programming and coaching. I can't think of a workout I left not having made great gains in both knowledge and strength. I got to my strongest training with Evan and greatly enjoyed his no shortcuts, do things the right way each and every time philosophy on training. It's not a surprise when you start to see the results that you get. I highly recommend training with Evan." 

Bryan S.

"Where do I start? Evan has trained me off and on for the last 6-7 years or so and my goals have fluctuated. He's programmed me for weight loss, corrective exercise, Olympic lifting and most recently powerlifting. In 2 powerlifting competitions programmed by him I've medaled in both and stomped on PRs. I wouldn't categorize him in any one specialization because with his knowledge base and pride to help people he can help you. If you want to make health and fitness a priority and learn a lot on the way he's your guy."

Rebecca F.

"Evan is an exceptional strength coach and fitness trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough with an emphasis on scientifically-based training protocols that get results.

I have been training with Evan for under a year, first to prep for a powerlifting competition, then an obstacle race, and now a second powerlifting competition. I have gained a tremendous amount of strength, knowledge and a love for lifting heavy! I'm looking forward to continuing to reap the benefits of Evan's knowledge and skill."