Fitness is a journey, not a destination...

...where will yours take you?

Customized Training Plan

Whether you're new to exercise or an experienced lifter, having the right plan can make all the difference.

Health Education

Learn how to create the healthy lifestyle you've been wanting.

Event and Sport Preparation

Strength, Conditioning, and Mobility programs for everything from 5k to Wedding Day.


Read what my clients have to say

Rosemary N.

"If you want to be stronger and be able to do things you love well into your 90's, he's the man!
I've been training with Evan for 1.5 years and have become so much stronger, dropped 20 lbs. and 6% body fat, and have sooo much greater range of motion than I did when I started with him. He is the master for training his powerlifting clients, and, at 79, I am 50 years older than most of the team, yet he does not treat me like a 'senior.'"

Micheale L.

"Working with Evan has been an awesome experience! When I wanted to compete in power lifting, Evan took the time to assess my form and help find my weak points. He gave me a well thought out exercise regiment that would strengthen my weaknesses and boost my strength for my next competition. Evan is knowledgeable and keeps up to date on recent research in the fitness industry. There is a lot to learn from him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is wanting to be functional and strong!"